Chung Chi College Chaplaincy

Chung Chi College Chaplaincy

Chau & Lee (Chau Iu Nin, Richard Lee)
Chung Chi College Chaplaincy Road, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chung Chi College is the only religious constituent college of the nine different faculties of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). It initially established itself independent from CUHK in October 1951 by renting spaces in other parts of Hong Kong and moved to its current permanent location in Ma Liu Shui in 1956 with financial assistance from the government,  Christian organizations and private individuals and firms. The campus was meant to provide opportunities for Chinese-speaking refugees and Christians to receive higher education comparable to that of English-speaking students at the University of Hong Kong. The Chung Chi Chaplaincy is the college’s chapel that accommodates the religious activities of the campus. The Chung Chi College Chapel is located in the north-west part of the campus, which could be seen from University Station. 

As a College established in a Christian context, the architect Chau Kai-Heem designed a modern, ecclesiastic chapel with external materials to mimic the buildings throughout the campus. Though it lacks a bell tower as many Modernist churches in Hong Kong omitted at the time, the chapel has a single, pointy spire on top of its roof close to its front. The traditional stained glass behind the altar has been reduced to clear glass in order to allow the congregation to view the scenic nature from inside. On its lower levels, the building hosts a small chapel, several seminar rooms, students’ lounge, biblical reading room, and offices, as well as an outdoor terrace.


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31 August, 2016


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