Kowloon Methodist Church

Kowloon Methodist Church

Mauger & May (Arthur John May), Szeto Wai
40 Gascoigne Road, Kowloon

The Chinese Methodist Church School and Welfare Centre was built as a structure to serve various functions: as a Christian church, school, and residence. Though located within the busy commercial district of Kowloon, its higher elevation enables people at the Centre to look over at the traffic-congested areas of Nathan Road and beyond the harbour. Adapting to the geometry of the ground, the layout consists of three main parts that accommodate each of the aforementioned functions. The Church Hall can occupy a capacity of 1,000 people and a distinct feature of the building is its stepped-up altar, choir chancel and raised pulpit. Below the Church Hall is the Assembly Hall, meant to serve as a space for stage performances. Attached to the side of the Church Hall unit is the three-storey School Wing, which was designed with a modern line with abundant lighting and ventilation for its dozens of classrooms for the secondary school. The South Wing is the administrative centre of the complex, housing the Church administration offices, Committee Rooms, and ministers’ residence. Overall, the appearance of the building adheres to the general principles of the modernist architectural style. One instance of such style is demonstrated through the Church Tower, which exhibits reinforced concrete in a parabolic form that supports a Cross. 



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31 August, 2016


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