Grantham Hospital

Grantham Hospital

Chau & Lee (Chau Iu Nin, Richard Lee)
125 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen

The Grantham Hospital opened in 1957 and was formerly operated by the Hong Kong Tuberculosis, Chest, and Heart Diseases Association. It was established as an extension of the Ruttonjee Sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis, a disease which used to be rampant and was the leading cause of death in Hong Kong post World War II due to mass migration, malnutrition, and social deprivation. Likely due to the grave consequences of the disease, the Hong Kong Government was proactive in providing the full funds for the extension project. 

Because tuberculosis is an infectious disease that transmits through the air, spaciousness and ventilation were prime factors that contributed to the design of the hospital. This is the reason why the main treatment building is separated from the administrative offices. Each of the wards are separated by glazed partitions to protect both of the patients and hospital staff from cross infections while being able to observe each other. Additionally, each floor in the hospital has a two-bed isolation room for severe patients and facilities for washing up and sterilizing utensils and equipment.  

Today, as its initial purpose of being a tuberculosis treatment centre is no longer relevant, it is a major tertiary referral centre that concentrates on heart and lung diseases and provides geriatric and palliative medicine as well.



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31 August, 2016


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