Peak School

Peak School

Public Works Department (P. Y. Y. Lam)
20 Plunkett’s Road

Peak School, which is also known as English Schools Foundation Peak School, is an English junior school. It was built in 1953 in light of a growing concern about inadequate educational facilities on Hong Kong Island for European primary school students. Unfortunately, the government was not in a position to remedy the problem while there were also large numbers of Chinese students in Hong Kong unable to secure admission to schools at the same time. Aware of this problem, a number of leading European business firms offered to donate funds to erect a school, on the condition that the government would provide an appropriate site. The government accepted the offer and allocated the site of the old Peak Club at Plunkett’s Road for the construction of a new school to accommodate the old Peak School (which had been opened in 1911 on Gough Hill Path) and the Kennedy Road Junior School. The two schools merged to form the new Peak School, which could accommodate 300 students, at the Plunkett’s Road site. In 2010, the Peak School was classified as a Grade 3 Historical Building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office.

The new Peak School was designed by P. Y. Y. Lam of the Public Works Department. To save costs on site formation and the erection of new retaining walls, the architects made as much use as possible of the existing site, which was divided into four levels. The two-storied main school block, which is located on the intermediate level, is made of a reinforced concrete frame construction, with reinforced concrete floors and roofs, and asphalt felt roofing with fiberglass insulation. It accommodates nine classrooms, a handiwork room, a biology room, and staff rooms. The dining room and kitchen are located in an adjoining single-storey block. The combined assembly hall and gymnasium are on the lower level and are linked to the main block by internal staircases.



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31 August, 2016


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