European Flats on Holly Road

European Flats on Holly Road

Address: 2-8 Holly Road (IL 5043)
Status: demolished in 1957
Date: 1938
Architect: Alfred James Lane

The site where Blue Pool Court now stands was acquired by Lung Ping Po in 1937. An early example of modernist residential house was built in the following year. The building attracted the attention of construction professionals and was featured in a prominent local journal. On top of its reinforced concrete structure, the interior of the house exhibited fashionable materials of the time, such as terrazzo and tile flooring. For further aesthetic comfort, special attention was paid to conceal electric wires. According to the architect’s impression drawing, the façade displayed curved but minimalistic traits which were typical of the modern movement. The architect decided to place the house on the western end of the site so as to leave the tennis court occupying the eastern half shaded in the afternoon (see 1949 aerial photograph).



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13 September, 2020


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