Blue Pool Road & Broom Road Housing Development

Blue Pool Road & Broom Road Housing Development

Address: 118 & 120 Blue Pool Road & 5-7 Broom Road (IL 5042 and IL 5082)
Status: Grade 3 since 2010 and 2018 respectively.
Date: 1938
Architect: Unknown

The site

In 1937, all the lots between 126 Blue Pool Road and 9 Broom Road were acquired by Eu Tong-sen (余東旋), the founder of Eu Yan Sang company (余仁生) and famous builder of castle-like palaces around Hong Kong. Between 1939 and 1941, the Eu family developed 10 semi-detached houses of which only 4 still remain today. You can see these at 118-120 Blue Pool road and at 5-7 Broom Road. Despite some redevelopment, the original row of garages situated under the elevated roadway that is shared by the entire block is still intact. In 1956, 5-7 Broom Road became the property of Mr. Tang Siu-kin (鄧肇堅), the co-founder of the Kowloon Motor Bus company and grandfather of David Wing-cheung Tang (鄧永鏘) (founder of the China Club and Shanghai Tang).

The houses

Both of the semi-detached houses on Blue Pool Road and Broom Road follow the same design but appear mirrored. While each house is divided into two three-story apartments along a central axis, the internal plan is not quite symmetrical, offering some variation between floors. The best rooms look onto the north view, while a lower T-shaped annex at the rear provides servant’s accommodation. With flat roofs, streamlined and curved façades, rounded corners, and porthole windows, these houses present typical architectural features of the international movement of the 1930s.




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13 September, 2020


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