Tun Yu School

Tun Yu School

Szeto Wai
San Tin Village, Yuen Long

Operating as a primary school in San Tin, New Territories today, Tun Yu School was built using government subsidies and generous donations by the San Tin village people. After World War II, many Mainland Chinese residents fled into the village, significantly increasing the village population. Some of these villagers directly acquired land to be used for the erection of a school campus, which amounted to tens of thousands of square feet. 

The school building stands on the most spacious portion of the site. Its arrangement was designed to allow younger children to have abundant outdoor space, with an open turfed court in the center of the school’s rectangular format and small football field near the building which local villagers visit for leisure as well. Inside the building, there are six large classrooms that each fit about 40 children, an assembly hall, and other common and administrative rooms that amount to an accommodation capacity of about 400 people. The campus also enjoys the connectivity of roads due to its location, as its main entrance directly faces a road to the village and also a public highway. Overall, the Tun Yu School was constructed to optimize the efficiency of budgeting and the vast space available. 




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31 August, 2016


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