The Landmark

The Landmark

Palmer & Turner (first phase); Aedas Ltd. (second phase)
15 Queen’s Road
Central 1979 (first phase); 1982 (second phase)

The Landmark is an office and retail complex located in Central.  Its owner, Hongkong Land, conceived of the project in order to amalgamate the commercial and real estate potential of their pre-existing landholdings.  The complex was constructed over two phases and represents one of the earliest malls to feature an indoor atrium in Hong Kong. The Landmark represents a unique architectural example of collaboration between the Hong Kong Government and private development for private profit and the public good.   The Central footbridge system connects with the Landmark at several points, facilitating pedestrian movement through its spaces while also maximizing retailers’ opportunities for profit.  The blurring of public and private space on the site is emblematic of modern shopping mall design not only in Hong Kong, but around the world.



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31 August, 2016


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