St. Mary’s Home for the Aged

St. Mary’s Home for the Aged

Ng Ping King
2 Welfare Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen

Since 1962, St. Mary’s Home for the Aged served the elderly in Hong Kong as a nursing home. The centre was erected at a time when the Hong Kong government was also working to build various other medical clinics across the region. The site, mostly allocated by the Government, was difficult to work around because the four and a half acre site was uneven. At the same time, it had to serve its primary function as a home for the elderly. The architect’s solution to this challenge was to form the home in three “terraces”  that each occupy a different elevation on the site and accommodate the various functions of an elderly home. Looking from above, the blocks of terraces form a rectangular structure. 

The entrance terrace is the lowest level of the home, housing the garage and receiving house. The centre terraces contain the male and female dormitories that face each other from the opposite side and include a chapel between them. Also at the centre terrace are the laundry, kitchen, and utility areas. Finally, in the upper terrace, there stands a three-storey building to provide accommodation for the nuns who worked at the home.  



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31 August, 2016


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