Ping Shek Estate

Ping Shek Estate

Palmer & Turner
Kwun Tong

The Ping Shek Estate was also one of the Hong Kong government’s efforts to expand public housing for low-income residents in the 1970s. Located next to the Choi Hung Estates, the 4,570 flats in the housing complex can accommodate up to 29,000 residents. The project was initially supposed to follow a 50-storey tower blueprint, but due to technical issues and the cost-saving advantages of lower-storey buildings, it later adopted a 28-storey tower design, which was still the tallest public housing blocks at the time they were built. 

In addition to residential flats, the designers of the development also incorporated auxiliary facilities and areas. Each of the five 28-storey towers in the complex has the ground floors as children’s’ play areas or for kindergarten, shops, and other communal facilities. In addition to these five main blocks, there are also two seven-storey buildings for dozens of shops for the convenience of the Ping Shek residents. 



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31 August, 2016


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