“Nederindha” House, 4 Island Road

“Nederindha” House, 4 Island Road

K. Smith-Mitchell, Metropolitan Land Company, Ltd.
4 Island Road, Deep Water Bay

“Nederindha” was originally one of two houses located on the property.  Both were designed by K. Smith-Mitchell of the Metropolitan Land Co. Ltd.; the company also served as the general contractor.  The larger, unnamed residence, with its sloping Spanish tile roof and rough stone-clad walls, columns and chimneys, was occupied by the owners.  The smaller unit, Nederindha, was designed to be sold and was located with considerations as to the view, orientation, and breeze without detracting from the privacy of the main building.

Located close to the main road, the flat-roofed Nederindha sits on a natural high bank, with small terraces and a lawn located on two levels to the south and a large driveway and play area in the north.  Interior and exterior spaces were designed to blend into each other to facilitate a certain degree of programmatic efficiency and hygienic flow of air.  On the ground floor, for example, the living room opens up to a porch and an adjoining lawn.  On the first floor, the master bedroom spills out into a sundeck located directly above the living room.  The walls of the house’s more communal spaces, which include the living and dining rooms are clad with rough stonework, while the rest of the walls are painted white over the rough surfaces, as in the owners’ house.

In the late 1960s, another garage and a bedroom suite were added to the roof of the ground floor study and bedroom by Spence Robinson Architects and Town Planners.




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30 August, 2016


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