Chung Chi College (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Chung Chi College (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Robert Fan (Fan Wenzhao)
Tai Po Road, Ma Liu Shui

Chung Chi College is the only religious constituent college of the nine different faculties of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). It initially established itself as a modest college with only evening classes with a 300 pound loan from a bishop back in 1951. For a few years, the college predominantly relied on small donations and grants from various Christian organizations and affiliates to continue its operations. In 1953, however, the Hong Kong government donated its current Ma Liu Shui site to the college to build a permanent campus to accommodate a growing student body. In order to fund the planning and construction, a number of Christian organizations such as the United Board for Christian Colleges in China and Asia Christian Colleges Association of London, as well as people of interest, pledged donations for Chung Chi College. 

As demonstrated in its planning details, the buildings of the newly built campus were low-storey buildings, mostly two storeys high. The plans also demonstrated a significant degree of consideration of the functions of the spaces specific to each type of building. For example, the multi-purpose hall was made to a dining hall connected to a kitchen and pantry on one side, while the other side of the hall led to a student lounge as well. Other buildings of the campus that were built with such “form follows function” design philosophy were the dormitories, classroom blocks, library, and administrative offices. 



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31 August, 2016


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