Revisiting Modern HK book

​Docomomo HK was invited to organise a discussion panel in support of the launch of its member Walter Koditek’s new book Hong Kong Modern Architecture of the 1950s to 1970s. The book includes a series of short essays on the architectural and urban history of Hong Kong by Cecilia Chu, Eunice Seng, Ying Zhou and Charles Lai. The book launch is accompanied by an exhibition and guide tour led by Walter Koditek and Charles Lai at Goethe-Institut Hong Kong. The project is supported by a Design Trust Seed Grant.


Revisiting Hong Kong Modern. Book Presentation, Panel Discussion


10 February 2022 | Thursday | 7:00 PM | Online


Panelists: Walter Koditek (book author), Cecilia L. Chu (Docomomo HK), Anita Chung (Tai Kwun), Sarah Greene (Blue Lotus Gallery), Eunice Seng (HKU), Ying Zhou (HKU)

Postwar Hong Kong has long been narrated through heroic stories of modernization and progress associated with relentless building development. However, such narratives have begun to change in recent years amidst widening interests to protect the city’s architectural heritage and enhance its urban identity.

Coinciding with the launch of the book “HONG KONG MODERN Architecture of the 1950s-1970s”, the author Walter Koditek will be in talk with other panel members and explore the changing interpretations of Hong Kong’s postwar architecture and how documentation of these buildings may play a role in reshaping our relationships with the built environment and senses of history.

長期以來,戰後的香港一直是通過與急速建築發展相關的現代化及進程的英雄故事來敘述的。然而,近年來,隨著人們對保護城市建築遺產和加強城市身份認同的意識越來越大,這種敘述開始發生變化。適逢《香港摩登:1950-1970年代建築》新書出版,作者 Walter Koditek 將與講者們一同探討對香港戰後建築的不斷變化的解釋,以及對這些建築的記錄如何在重塑我們與建築環境的關係和對歷史的感覺方面起作用。


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