Architect: K.M. Tseng, Hong Kong, 1976

Hong Kong´s General Post Office is now under threat of demolition. The site is planned to be redeveloped into a new commercial building under the new government plan. This monumental building, designed by a local architect, was completed in 1976, and it is serving his original function ever since. Build on a 3700 m2 site in front of the towering Connaught Centre and adjoining the Star Ferry concourse, Hong Kong´s GPO is a five-storey building. It was constructed in simple, geometrical modernist style, with half of its interior being occupied by new-by-then mechanical mail handling equipment. The first floor was designed for enourmous public hall with 32 counter positions. The third and four floors were designated as office space. 

Docomomo International and Docomomo Hong Kong would like to raise awareness for this case and express its full support to all the initiatives conducted against the demolition of the aforementioned building, in the struggle of preserving it for the future generations, either within the original function or reused for a public purpose.


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